Joe Tumpkin attorneys file motion in support of plea deal

Joe Tumpkin attorneys file motion in support of plea deal

The defense attorney for former University of Colorado coach Joseph Tumpkin filed a motion last week in support of a misdemeanor plea deal for Tumpkin in his domestic violence case, citing a lack of evidence and pointing out possible alternative motives for the named victim in the case coming forward.

Tumpkin, 47, is charged with five counts of second-degree assault and three counts of third-degree assault. But at a hearing earlier this month, attorneys indicated they had reached a plea deal in the case in which Tumpkin would plead guilty to one third-degree assault charge in exchange for the rest of the charges being dismissed.

In response to objections to the plea deal by Pamela Fine, Tumpkin’s ex-girlfriend and the named victim in the case, Broomfield Judge Michael Goodbee first asked both prosecutors and defense attorneys to file written motions explaining how they reached the plea deal, setting a Dec. 26 deadline.

The Broomfield court records office said a prosecution filing was not available on Thursday, and officials with the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office did not return requests for the filing or comment on the filing.

But a motion from Tumpkin’s attorney Jon Banashek was available Thursday, having been filed on Dec. 21.




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