Someone stole this Fort Collins food truck, and the owner’s “crazy mad” about it

Someone stole this Fort Collins food truck, and the owner’s “crazy mad” about it

Michelle Aldrich was just getting back to work this summer when, all of a sudden, her work was stolen.

The owner of The Goodness food truck in Fort Collins said her mobile restaurant was taken early Monday morning from its spot in the American Legion parking lot.

“I’m crazy mad,” Aldrich told The Denver Post. “I worked really hard for this truck.”

The truck was stolen sometime between 2 and 7 a.m. on Monday, she said.

Larimer County sheriff’s spokesman David Moore said the truck was reported stolen, but he did not immediately have additional information.

“This is not something I see every day,” he said of a food truck theft.

For Aldrich, the timing couldn’t be worse. In August 2018, the Fort Collins resident said she suffered second- and third-degree burns from a gas explosion in her car.

She spent three weeks in the hospital, and couldn’t work for several months after the accident. Finally this spring, she returned to the truck, still smarting from the heat of the ovens.

“I had to take out three loans to keep the truck,” Aldrich said through tears. “I have to make that money back. I’m really screwed.”

She posted news of the stolen truck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, praying someone will see it around town.

“Who would be such an idiot to steal something with a name and website and everything on the side of it?” Aldrich said. “This, to me, would be the last thing to steal.”



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