Third illegal-grow marijuana bust in Pueblo County in a week

Third illegal-grow marijuana bust in Pueblo County in a week

A third illegal marijuana grow this week was busted Friday in Pueblo County, according to the sheriff’s office, and the latest discovery uncovered 420 plants, worth an estimated $1.2 million.

A Pueblo West resident called the sheriff’s office about a “strong order of marijuana” coming from inside a home at 1240 S. Walden Circle, according to a news release.

When contacted, a man renting the home told deputies he had “only 100 plants,” the sheriff’s office said. State law allows up to 12 plants to be grown inside a residence.

Deputies got a search warrant and found plants in every room of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom, tri-level home with a two-car garage. Plants were being grown in a crawl space and laundry room. The only rooms in the house without plants were the kitchen and living room.

“This is nothing more than a grow house,” Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor said. “The electrical and heating systems had been altered significantly. Windows were covered, and irrigation systems were rigged up throughout the home.”

The same house was busted for an illegal grow in 2016. Investigators, however, do not believe the same individuals are involved.

No arrests were made Friday, but an arrest warrant has been issued for an occupant of the home.

The two previous grows this month in the county, one on Wednesday and one on June 15, each included seizure of more than 50 plants. Investigators do not believe the three are connected.

In Friday’s case, county officials declared the residence “unsafe” to be occupied because of extensive electrical and duct alterations. Mold, a potential health hazard, was found in several rooms.



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